B550 vs X570 Motherboards for Ryzen 5000 2023

The chipsets help the motherboard in communicating and allow the motherboard to manage traffic. Besides, the chipsets recognize the compatible devices for the motherboard. If you have a motherboard, you will have a chipset with all the required latest advancements and specifications. You may have chosen the chipset according to you. But it is time to find the best chipset between the newly launched B550 and the old X570.

With the most awaited launch of the B550 chipset of AMD, into the market, containing upgraded specifications. The discussions arose about the comparisons of the B550 with the x570 chipset. There are many previously launched chipsets, but the X570 got precisely more attention of the buyers.

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Many people are still confused between B550 and X570. So, for their ease, we have researched both the chipsets and compared their features. This article will provide you with a comparison of all specifications and differences between these two chipsets to decide which one has the edge over another one. Additionally, you will be able to find the best chipset.

Best B550 Motherboard
ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

Asus ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-Fi

      • 4 Phase VRM
      • ATX Form Factor
      • ¬†Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200

Best X570 Motherboard

MSI Meg X570 Unify Motherboard

MSI Meg X570 Unify

      • ATX Form Factor
      • WI-FI 6
      • Audio Boost HD

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Comparisons and Differences between B550 and X570

1-CPU Support

You cannot use the chipsets with any of the processors. To relish the chipsets B550 and X570, you must be having your chipset-compatible processors. AMD launched B550 recently for future use with Zen 3 Ryzen Processors and Ryzen 3000 Processors.

So B550 supports the Ryzen 3000 series and Future AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors with the Zen 3 Architecture. But, B550 does not support AMD Ryzen 2000 series or AMD Ryzen 3000 series with Radeon Graphics. If you are having the Ryzen processors of the new series, you will be able to avail of the recent advancements of the latest B550.

On the other end, the X570 chipset was launched before, featuring high compatibility, so it has complete support for Ryzen 2000 series Processors, Ryzen 3000 Processors with Radeon Graphics, Ryzen 3000 series 3rd Gen Processors, and Future Zen 3 Processors as well. You will not need to worry about the compatibility of X570. It can be used with various processors.

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2-VRM Power Phases

VRM is the Voltage Regulator Module. The purpose of VRMS is to regulate the voltages and prevent the chipsets from an increased voltage level. They keep the voltage at optimum levels, and it is valuable for the overclocking of CPU and GPU. In VRM, X570 is the conqueror, as X570 has more VRM power phases than the B550. Just the premium B550 has more VRM phases than the X570. As overclocking depends upon VRMs, the chipset with more power phases will fill more over-clocking requirements.

3-PCIe Support

For the better performance of your system, the number of PCIe is noteworthy. PCIe 4 Support for B550 is limited as compared to X570. It means that X570 will provide you with faster and better PCIe support in comparison to B550.  X570 generally uses PCIe 4, while the use of PCIe 4 for B550 is limited. So, we can say that B550 is better than the B450 in this regard where no PCIe 4 port existed.


The price of a product plays an essential part in picking up a preferable device. The best device is the one that provides you with more features and functionalities at an affordable price. You will not want to spend money on a product with fewer features and an expensive rate.

But if some products offer you more attractive features at high charges, you may consider that. While comparing the prices of B550 and X570, we realized that B550 has a budget-friendly price compared to X570. The cost of the B550 is less than the X570 chipset.

One of the main reasons to launch B550 was that the X570 price is pretty high, and there was no chipset other than X570 in which PCIe Gen4 was available. There was no option for Mid-range customers to buy any AMD chipset in which they can enjoy PCIe Gen 4 as well. So, for affordability purposes, AMD launched B550 so that all customers can gain PCIe Gen4.

5-Chipset Fan

To keep the expenses down, the B550 chipset had some fewer features available in the costly X570. The considerable difference between these two chipsets is, X570 has a built-in Chipset cooling fan, while on other hand, B550 has no cooling fan on the chipset.

The cooling fan plays a notable role in keeping the temperature down and preventing it from heat up. The X570 chipset dissipates more power, due to which its temperature starts to increase that can cause damage to the system, so the built-in fan was made compulsory compared to the B550 chipset. So, a built-in cooling fan is essential for X570 chipsets.

6-Over-clocking Performance

Over-clocking is the ability of a device to run with better and boosted performance than its already specified speed. Most chipsets allow reset for fewer controls. But the chipset that allows higher performance is preferred to be the superior one.

If you have a low budget and want more over-clocking features in chipset than those already in the market, we will recommend B550 with AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 Processors. If you have the Ryzen 9 Processor, you will need to go with X570 to avail of the maximum performance.

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Q#01: Does the B550 chipset contain PCIe 4.0?
Yes, the chipset B550 has 20 PCIe 4 lanes for the general purpose of AMD Ryzen third generation.
Q#02: Do B550 have a chipset fan?
No, B550 does not need a fan heatsink as it does not heat up quickly as compared to X570. B550 has features that are preferable in AMD chips.
Q#03-What should you buy? B550 or X570.
Both of them are different. But X570 features more professional specifications as compared to B550. B550 offers high compatibility. But according to the price, B550 is less expensive with better features. You can buy B550 for unprofessional purposes.
Q#04-Why B550 less-expensive than X570?
AMD launched B550 due to the costly rates of X570. For ease of people, a chipset with better features at a budget-friendly price was manufactured. So everyone could avail of faster PCIe Gen4.

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