B550 vs X570 Motherboard .A comprehensive Comparison

The most awaited B550 chipset of AMD has come into the market with the upgraded specification. After the B550 Chipset release, Discussions arose about the comparisons of the B550 with the x570 chipset. This article will compare all specifications and differences between these two chipsets to decide which one has an edge on another one.

Best B550 Motherboard
ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

      • 4 Phase VRM
      • ATX Form Factor
      • ┬áIntel Wi-Fi 6 AX200

Best X570 Motherboard

MSI Meg X570 Unify Motherboard

      • ATX Form Factor
      • WI-FI 6
      • Audio Boost HD

Comparisons and Differences between B550 and X570

1.CPU Support

As AMD launched B550 for future use with Zen 3 Ryzen Processors and Ryzen 3000 Processors. So B550 supports the Ryzen 3000 series and Future AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors with the Zen 3 Architecture.and B550 not supported for AMD Ryzen 2000 series or AMD Ryzen 3000 series with Radeon Graphics.

At the other end, X570 has Complete support for Ryzen 2000 series Processors, Ryzen 3000 Processors with Radeon Graphics, Ryzen 3000 series 3rd Gen Processors and as well Future Zen 3 Processors as well.

2.VRM Power Phases

VRM stands for Voltage Regulator Module. It Regulates the Voltages, and it is more important for overclocking of CPU and GPU. Now in the case Of VRM, X570 is the winner as X570 has more VRM Power phases than the B550.just some premium B550 has more VRM phases than the X570. As you know that Overclocking depends upon VRM.so; in this case, X570 is the winner over B550.

3.PCIe support

PCIe 4 Support for B550 is limited as compared to X570.X570 generally use all PCIe 4 while the use of PCIe 4 for B550 is limited, .so we can say that B550 is better than the B450 in this regard where no PCIe 4 port existed.


When we compare the price of both B550 and X570, in this Comparison, B550 is the winner.B550 price is less than the X570 chipset. One of the main reasons to launch B550 was also that the X570 price is pretty high, and there was not any chipset other than X570 in which PCIe Gen4 was available. There was no option for Mid-range customers to buy any AMD chipset in which they can enjoy PCIe Gen 4 as well.

5.Chipset Fan

There is one more big difference between these two chipsets that X570 has a built-in Chipset cooling fan while on the other hand, B550 has no cooling fan on the chipset. The reason for X570 chipset built-in fan that it dissipates more power due to which it heats more than the B550 chipset.so a built-in cooling fan is essential for X570 chipsets.

Overclocking Performance of B550 vs X570.

Suppose you have a low budget and want to overclock as wee. Our recommendations will be B550 but with AMD Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 Processors, but if you purchase Ryzen 9 Processors, you have to go with X570 for maximum performance.