Best RTX 3060 Graphics cards 2023

If you are thinking of building a gaming pc in 2021 in the budget of 1000$ with the latest Graphics card and other components, then wait for few days because Nvidia has announced that they will launch its RTX 3060 graphics card in January 2021.

It is rumored that RTX 3060 will be based on GA106 GPU and built on an 8nm processor available in the market in two different versions with 6GB and 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM different CUDA cores and RT cores also.

I don’t know the exact intent of Nvidia to launch 2 different variants of the same model, but most probably, it is to confuse the customers for better marketing. That is not the first time that team green is providing 2 different variants in the same model because Nvidia did the same thing when they launched.

If we talk about its other specifications, then RTX 3060 12GB will have 3840 Cuda cores while RTX 3060 6GB has 3584 Cuda cores. There will also be a little difference in RT cores between these two, where the 6GB variant will have 28 RT cores, and on the other hand, RTX 3060 12 GB will be launched with 30 RT cores.

Both will provide a memory bus speed of 192bits/sec, while total board power for a graphics card with 6 GB will be 130w, while RTX 3060 12 GB will have a TBP of 170w.

According to specifications, we will suggest that if you want to play 1440p gaming, then RTX 3060 12 GB will be best for that, and if you are a beginner in gaming and want to play 1080p games, then the 6GB variant will be well enough for you.

It is not yet officially come to market, but it will probably be almost equal to RTX 2080 in performance and a little better than RTX 2070 super by comparing its leaked specifications.

Now the last thing to compare is its price. According to rumors and leaks, its MSRP price will be around 300$, but due to a shortage of stock and other issues, you cannot expect to be at that price right after its launching.


Originally posted 2021-07-12 15:38:52.