Top 10 Best White Motherboards for Intel and AMD[Buying Guide 2024]

Searching for a white motherboard for your computer?

A motherboard plays an important part in a computer. It contains sockets in which the CPU can be fitted. Additionally, it has both external and internal ports for different devices. They allow the computer for additional functionality. Without a motherboard, you will be left with pieces of parts and the bad functioning of your computer.

When you have a gaming setup or white CPU, it is difficult for the user to find a perfect contrast for their setup. White is a color that makes your gaming rig more noticeable and unique. But, White motherboards are more difficult to find. Many manufacturers make motherboards, but it isn’t easy to find the best white motherboard for your computer with the most suitable features.

What to choose? 

It is not always easy to choose something you don’t know or know less about. The motherboard should be fast functioning and versatile. You will be able to use it without system errors. Also, it should be durable, so that you spend money for good.

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The most important thing to consider before buying a motherboard is to check for its compatibility with the processor you have. Many boards are compatible with new generations, and many work on the sixth and seventh generations. Also, the motherboard should be durable and last long. The computer products cannot be changed every month, so you need to buy a product which lasts for years with the best performance.

Besides, many motherboards provide you with fewer features at an expensive rate. But the best device is the one that provides you with more features at an affordable rate. We have researched and reviewed to find out the best available motherboards which will fulfill your requirements.

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1-Asus Prime X570-Pro

Best White X570 motherboard

Asus Prime X570-Pro

The Asus Prime X570-Pro has better and more efficient power due to the components. The motherboard cools the CPU and provides a faster connection without any hazard to the CPU. This motherboard is already set up to deal with the high-core processors of the third generation. So, if you are a gaming person, you will not need to worry. Also, it provides the optimal amount of performance. And due to these features, we have selected Asus Prime X570-Pro as the best X570 white motherboard.

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Also, the motherboard offers RGB lighting, which is controllable. You can control the RGB lights according to your requirements. You will be able to choose a color from the RGB lights. Besides, there are varieties of functions for the already built-in lights. These lights beautifully capture the heart of a gamer. They will make your gaming more interesting, and you will be able to enjoy every bit of it.

This motherboard has a very cool design. The controls are configurable, and you can control the fans too. The motherboard offers a speed of 10Gbps so, the data transfer will be much faster than you thought. There are two headers, the first header supplies for the fast working of PWM and the second header supplies for the AIOs.

  • 4 Memory Slots
  • 128 GB Memory Size
  • DIMM Ram Technology
  • ATX Form Factor
  • AMD X570 Chipset

  • Fast performance
  • Affordable
  • 4-memory slots
  • Sleek and unique design
  • The heatsink is not available for M2 drives

2-ASRock B550 PRO

Best White AM4 motherboard


This motherboard is Amazon’s choice. Which means it is preferred by many of its users. The motherboard supports the third generation AM4 Ryzen and the future Ryzen AMD. It has a strong built quality, which means it is durable and will last longer due to strong manufacture.

Besides, the color scheme of this motherboard looks great with the gaming setup. It has a combination of white, black, and silver which makes it more noticeable. This motherboard is perfect, what you pay. It has a good design and layout with a better power switch. It functions at a fast speed without heating up due to its six fan headers.

So, you will not need to worry about the area’s temperature where you are using it. Besides, this motherboard is a very decent foundation for your gaming PC. There is a sound tracker on the motherboard. It allows you to track the direction from where the sound is coming from. The sounds are positioned at an angle of 360 degrees so that you can enjoy the fully immersed sound from all directions. It is the best white am4 motherboard for gaming purposes.

  • AM4 CPU Socket
  • 4 Memory slot
  • DDR 4 Memory
  • 6 Fan Headers

  • Strong and durable
  • The perfect color scheme for gaming setup
  • No heating up
  • Provides decent foundation
  • Not compatible with micro ATX

3-ASRock B450M Steel Legend

ASRock B450M Steel Legend

The ASRock B450M is a cool-looking motherboard with the addition of fancy RGB lights. The motherboard gives a decent and unique look to your gaming setup. The design of the motherboard stands out and provides a unique base for the slots. While gaming, you will be amazed by the sound even in the setting of EQ.

It means that the board a great sound system. Sound is important if you are a gamer. The sound of this motherboard has no interference and is clear and of high quality. The board is easy to manage, and you will not need much time for its adjustments.

The RGB lights come in various settings. So, you can choose from the settings and adjust their time and speed. Also, if you don’t like RGB lights, you can turn them off. Besides, this motherboard’s BIOS allows you ease in navigation, causing you less time waste, allowing you uncomplicated settings.

The motherboard has high-quality manufacture that makes it usable for years. You will not need any maintenance or repair of this board. It allows multi graphics supporting the technology of crossfire and AMD Quad.

It also supports the tenth version of Microsoft windows of 64 bits. Besides, the high definition audio of the motherboard comes with a feature of protecting its contents. It has an AMD chipset and has a faster speed for efficient functionality.

  • AMD Promontory B450 Chipset
  • DDR 4 memory
  • 64GB Ram size

  • Great RGB lights
  • VRM looks decent
  • Affordable
  • Fast and efficient
  • High definition audio
  • Layout of Bios

4-Gigabyte B550 Vision D


Gigabyte B550 is also one of Amazon’s choices. This motherboard is the one which is reviewed and brought by many people who are interested in buying different products for their computers. This motherboard is highly reliable. So, you may keep up the ease while using it.

It is designed for easy usage for its users. So, you will not be facing any difficulty while using the device. It supports the third generation processors, RMD Ryzen. So, the people having the setup alike will be able to spend quality time. Also, there are four slots of DIMM. It allows for multiple graphic configurations.

Besides, it is fully tested by Quadro QVL. It allows you to have a dual connectivity function with the Titan Ridge by using the C-type USB. It has a Wi-Fi antenna that looks great with your computer setup and has an already built-in chip for Wi-Fi. It can be used for the CPUs of the new fifth-generation along with the third generation.

Additionally, it has more unique features as compared to the simple motherboards found in the market. It has two ports of thunderbolt type and delivers a large amount of power with the VRMs. They are simply aesthetic and decent.

  • 4 Memory Slots
  • 128 GB Memory Size
  • DIMM Ram Technology
  • ATX Form Factor
  • AMD X570 Chipset

  • Delivers plenty of power
  • Thunderbolt ports
  • Aesthetic
  • Best white motherboard
  • Good VRMs
  • Perfect for anti-RGB light
  • The header is not USB type-C

5.Asus Prime Z390-P

Asus Prime Z390-P

The Asus Prime Z390-P is a board with attractive and heart-capturing white color when turned on due to the beautiful RGB lights. The motherboard is designed for the processors of the ninth and eighth generations. It provides the processors with a maximum amount of connectivity and fast speed.

Many boards are not stable to overclocking but, Asus prime provides stability to the Dram overclocking. It has five times protection hardware which safeguards against over-voltage and protects the core of the slot. It provides the user with reliability to use and longevity for a long time without much care and maintenance.

Besides, the fan control system allows controlling the fans according to the requirements not to need to deal with your board’s excess heat up. The board is built, keeping in view all the safety and protection issues. The slots are designed to prevent any damage which can be caused due to the heavyweight of GPUs.

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Also, the motherboard features high-definition audio for gamers. It has eight-channel audio with HD effects allowing gamers to enjoy the games with HD sounds. It has an ultra-fast transfer speed of 32 Gbps and, it provides efficient data access.

The high transfer and speedy data allow you to transfer up to 10GBPs. There are 5050 strips on the header, allowing you to enjoy the different and bright displays. You can create different combinations of Red, green, and blue. There are various effects for the RGB lights including, blink, fade, etc.

  • 4 Memory Slots

  • Attractive RGB lights
  • Cool design
  • High-speed connectivity
  • Flexible BIOS control for fans
  • Better performance
  • 4 SATA connectors

6.ASRock AM4/X570 Steel Legend

ASRock AM4/X570 Steel Legend

The ASRock AM4/X570 is a motherboard of steel construction. It has a strong manufacturing and layout that allow it to use for a long time in harsh conditions. It supports the processors of Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 2000 AMD. Besides, this motherboard has a design of ten power phases supporting DDR4, 2PCle, 3PCle, etc.

It supports the 1M. 2 Key for the WiFi connections. It provides you with graphic options. This motherboard is super fast and can run 2700X, and allows booting from M2. It is easy to configure. There are many fan connections on the board with settings. So, you can adjust according to the type of work on your PC.

It has a built-in cooler for the drives, allowing you to decrease the temperature and prevent heat up automatically. The motherboard has not only trouble-free functionality but also looks fantastic when installed on your setup. The white and unique construction enhances its beauty, and everyone is fascinated by it.

Other motherboards provide you with fewer features at expensive rates. It is a great bargain for getting such features in less than the other motherboards in the market. Besides, all the features of this board are modern and unique. It has a LAN of Intel and sync of polychrome with four memory slots.

  • 4 Memory Slot

  • Unique and modern features
  • Unexpensive
  • Strong steel construction
  • Ten power phases
  • Inbuilt cooling for drives
  • Prevents Heat up
  • Not much stable

7-GIGABYTE Z490 Vision G

GIGABYTE Z490 Vision G

Gigabyte Z490 is one of Amazon’s choices. This motherboard is built for the tenth-generation processors of Intel Core. It has VRM with twelve phases and a smart power stage. It has a heatsink of block surface and a thermal design.

It has a unique design that has avoided cutting corners and allow the motherboard to be more stable. The users can enjoy whether they are gaming or using it for any other purpose. It has a micro-block heatsink which allows the air passage more conveniently from all directions.

The flow of air will prevent the motherboard from heating up and keep it cool. Besides, Gigabyte Z490 has upgraded compatibility. So the motherboard is more compatible with memory profiles. It has introduced a new memory that allows less noise pollution and less interference.

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It will prevent you from unnecessary noise disturbances. The users can have more performance with the Z490, causing it to have a flexible expansion. There is a small strip of the RGB lights on the IO areas. It is very easy to overlock by using Easy Tune. With the addition of auto voltage and many USBs, it is perfect for a gamer.

  • 4400 Mhz Memory Speed
  • 2,87 lbs weight

  • Improved game experience
  • Air passage to prevent heat up
  • Upgraded compatibility to memory profile
  • Low noise pollution
  • RGB Software is not that good

8-ASRock B550M Steel Legend

ASRock B550M Steel Legend

The ASROCK B550M supports the processors of the third generation. It supports the processors AMD AM4 and FUTURE RYZEN. So, you will be able to use it with them. The motherboard features a design of ten power phases. Besides, there are options for graphic inputs including, a display port and HDMI.

If you are buying a motherboard for the best RGB lights, then this board is perfect with beautiful RGB colors in a dark room. You will be able to mix the colors and make the best color out of them. You can increase the speed and the timing of the lights. The RGB lights are bright and attractive. Besides, it has good performance and allows you to set it up in no time.

You will be using it after minutes of taking it out of the box. The easy-to-use board is also easy to set up. It has increased durability making, it to use for a long. There are plenty of ports and headers on the motherboard. Also, there are a lot of fans for cooling purposes.

The fans don’t allow the board for heating and instantly cool the board preventing it from crash and damage. You will need to boot your system, and it will work properly without any issues.

  • AM4 Socket
  • 1 PCIe 4.0×16
  • 2 Memory slots

  • Works right out of the box
  • Easy setup
  • Plenty of ports
  • Bright RGB lights
  • Durable
  • Need to buy a separate antenna

9-Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard

Asus Prime Z390-A Motherboard

This motherboard is designed for eighth and ninth-generation processors. It increases the speed of the processor and the connectivity. So, you will have an efficient motherboard allowing you to use your computer with better performance.

Not every motherboard has a feature of overclocking stability, but it allows overclocking irrespective of other motherboards. It has a five-way optimizing feature that allows the motherboard to overclock a CPU with smart prediction ability.

The board is also protected. It has five times protection hardware which safeguards it and provides you protected slots for your devices. Besides, it provides you with reliability and longevity. So, you will be using it with ease and for a long time. It has safe slot cores that prevent the board from damages and harm.

The motherboard will be prevented from the damage caused by the heavy GPU in the computer. Besides, it has HD audio for gaming purposes. So, you will be able to enjoy the sounds of your game without other noises. The HD sound will cause you to enjoy the real sound effects. It maps the pathways of memory signals across the layers.

They minimize crosstalk and vias. It has a layout known as T-Topology, which is customized to have an aligned signal. Besides, its cool design allows you to refer to three sensors. With its FAN XPERT, you will control the temperature causing optimized cooling by the intensive tasks’ graphics card.

Also, the visual beauty of this motherboard is mesmerizing. The RGB lights are controllable, with various presets already available for the built-in lights. There are strips on the header of the board. So, you will be able to enjoy a good-looking motherboard with increased performance.

  • LGA1151 Socket
  • 4 Memory slots
  • 2.23 lbs weight

  • Increased connectivity and speed
  • Allows overclocking
  • Reliable
  • Optimized cooling
  • Controllable RGB lights
  • Sound quality is average

10-MSI Gaming Intel H270

MSI Gaming Intel H270

MSI Gaming products are already famous in the gaming world. MSI motherboard supports the computers of sixth and seventh generations. This motherboard will not work for the eighth and ninth generations. It has all the features you have in an affordable motherboard. You will be getting the full potential of each penny you paid.

It has beautiful white slots and levers with the addition of a chipset with blue lighting. It is a pure whiteboard. Besides, the maximum speed this motherboard supports is 2400Mhz. You do not need any manual to assemble the board or for setting it up.

It is super easy to set up and use the board. The motherboard has an RGB LED connector so that you can control the RGB lights. So, the board also allows RGB so that you can have the best budget-friendly white gaming motherboard.

Besides, the board has enough ports for all the peripheral devices of your computer. It has an excellent layout along with the best performance. The RGB connector controls the lights and provides you with the best accurate colors.

  • LGA1151 Socket
  • 3.2 lbs weigh

  • Budget-friendly
  • RGB Connector lights
  • Best Performance
  • Many ports for peripheral devices
  • The chipset has blue lighting
  • Non-overclockable

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