How To Clean A MotherBoard – An Ultimate Guide 2024

Everyone knows the importance of the motherboard and the role it plays on a computer. Similarly, if there is a small problem in a motherboard, it may affect the whole system. The performance of the computer is all depending on it.

Moreover, to avoid any kind of uncertainty, one should take care of it as much as possible. With time and utilization, dust gathers on the motherboard. If not cleaned consistently, the motherboard could overheat, breakdown, and perhaps quit working by and large because of a short circuit.

Presently, we should discuss cleaning it. Cleaning a motherboard can be a tough task, as even the smallest harm or blunder could influence its whole operation. Try not to worry yet, however, and we have answers to help you out!

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If you are looking for the best ways of cleaning this item, then there are two methods of cleaning it.

  • Using a blower or a compressed air
  • Utilizing isopropyl alcohol


Using A Blower Or Compressed Air

Using Compressed Air to clean Motheboard

If you want a general cleaning of the motherboard, the least demanding and most secure technique is utilizing compressed air. You can purchase a container of compressed air or use what is known as an “air blower,” which can compress air without warming it.

When you have totally shut down your computer and remove every part of it, utilize compressed air to remove the dirt particles. At times, you may see that some residue particles are hard to expel.

For this, you can utilize a delicate bristled brush to help simultaneously. Utilize the brush delicately to remove the dirt particles and afterward utilize compressed air again to remove the dirt completely.

Utilizing Isopropyl Alcohol

Using Isopropyl Alcohol to clean Motherboard

If your motherboard has sticky stains, then compressed hair is not going to work for you at all. In addition to this, if you are really serious about removing those hard stains, then you will have to use Isopropyl Alcohol.

Utilizing a liquid on the motherboard may seem to you a bit weird, but you need to apply it carefully in order to get better outcomes. You must use Isopropyl Alcohol that is a maximum 90% pure. Moreover, for your more information, this thing is non-conductive and quickly gets dry.

Method Of Applying Isopropyl Alcholol

There has consistently been a debate over the best technique to utilize while cleaning a motherboard with a liquid. While some think that the alcohol ought to be poured on the motherboard giving it a liquor shower, some others prescribe utilizing a cotton swab to use the liquid. The correct process relies upon the kind of dirt you are removing.

using cotton swab

To evacuate stingy materials or particles that are thick and hard to expel, we recommend utilizing a cotton swab to use the Isopropyl Alcohol. This will guarantee that the dirt particles are removed. Moreover, in extraordinary cases, a few particles may, in any case, stay, for example, soldering junk or carbon.

This is the point at which you can decide to give the motherboard a liquid shower. You can likewise apply this strategy when the motherboard is totally dead or not working appropriately because of a great deal of dirt.

The following are some of the useful steps you need to follow to get rid of the dust particles.

  • First, you have to turn off your computer and unplug all the wires.
  • Dismantle the computer and take out the motherboard
  • Now utilize blower or compressed air to remove the dirt.
  • If there is deep dust, you must use Isopropyl Alcohol with a cotton swab.
  • If there are still some stingy particles remaining, pour the liquid once more.
  • Now do not put the motherboard to run the computer until it gets completely dry.
  • You can now assemble your computer.

Some Essential Things To Remember

  • You need to clean the motherboard once in a year
  • If the computer is still in the guarantee time frame, talk to the manufacturer before utilizing any kind of liquid on the motherboard. Look for their assistance for the cleaning procedure as the guarantee could be void once you utilize the liquid to clean yourself.
  • Before you begin cleaning, make sure that your computer is fully turned off.
  • Make sure to use at least 99% Isopropyl.

Cleaning Motherboard With Water?

You should never use water since there is any moisture left, your computer will be gone. In addition to this, you can clean your TV, screen, and other electronic items with water, but avoid using water for the motherboard.

Similarly, everyone needs to use alcohol content such as nail paint remover since these substances are specifically for electronic items that can quickly get dry and does not harm your motherboard.

Removing Moisture From The Computer

If you feel that your computer has moisture, then you might be thinking of removing it. We have got a solution for you. The following are the important factors to follow to save your computer from moisture.

Disconnection Of Power Sources

It is known to everyone that liquid and electricity are not good friends at all. The surest method to get an opportunity of sparing your device or computer is to turn the AC power off right away. You need to remove the battery since it is another source of huge power.

Unplugging Of All PERIPHERALS

Unplug all peripherlas

If you wonder about peripherals, then do not worry. It simply means that to unplug the connected printer, mouse, and all other things. However, by unplugging, you can save them from any kind of damage and save your money.

Quickly Cleaning Of the Liquid

It is essential to stop the spreading of the spill as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. Utilizing a build up free fabric, ensure you dry as much as possible completely both on the computer and table surface. Ensure the cloth is entirely lint-free allowed to keep away from stray particles from the material bringing about additional harm to the keys.

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Give It Some Air

Except if you are a talented repair technician, it’s best not to endeavor to open the back of the computer. Nevertheless, you need to cut it off from the power for a couple of days. Besides, you need to put your device in a dry ara to avoid further moisture.

After going through these steps, you should power up the computer. If all else fails, have the device adjusted by an expert. Make sure to utilize lidded drinks in the computer zone and avoid any damage that can be costly for you.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FaQ )

Q: Is it harmful to wash the motherboard?

A: If you wash it with a hand and a brush, then it is not that harmful. However, the only thing you need to do is to give it enough time to get dry.

Q: Do water destroy a motherboard?

A: It does not harm most of the components, but if it gets dry as soon as possible, then it will not destroy the motherboard since you do not want to expose the metal to rusting if the water stays for a long.

Q: May a PSU harm a motherboard?

A: The motherboard is the place the computer’s power supply unit (PSU) is associated. It’s essential to purchase the correct PSU for your requirements — if your parts need enough power than the PSU can give, it will cause the segments or the motherboard to fall flat. Nevertheless, the most prominent issue for motherboards is power floods.

Final Verdict

If you are the one who was continuously facing issues with the cleaning of the motherboard and was unable to find the right method to clean it, so here, we have come up with some safe and secure methods that will not harm your motherboard at all.

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