How To Increase Dedicated Video RAM?A complete Guide 2021

Do you want to increase dedicated video ram? It’s a worrisome thing to keep in mind that your favorite games may get stopped, and you see an error message. It usually happens in the various games that young boys and girls especially like.

Have you ever faced an error message that your computer or laptop does not meet the minimal requirements for running the game or software? If yes, you would surely have faced a lot of mental agonies as you can’t play the game then.

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It is just because of the low video ram in your device. You can increase it using some techniques on your computer or laptop. It will increase Vram, and you will be able to play your loved game.


What is a dedicated video ram?

Video RAM (random access memory) is a type of specialized memory that your device’s graphics card holds. It helps images, videos, and games to come on the screen using available ram on the computer or laptop.

Vram is encompassed in the graphics card of your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Note: Vram is also known as Frame Buffer. It has a buffer status between CPU and GPU.

Software to increase dedicated video ram

There are several ITOM operations or computer software that can help you in increasing video ram. Likewise, the BIOS method’s software is considered enough to make increasing changes in video ram.

How to check dedicated video ram windows 10

  • Step 1

Go to Display Settings

Go on the screen, and click right, propelling your cursor towards the Display setting.

  • Step 2


A new screen will open up, and you will see many functions there. In all things, you can find out & click on advanced display settings.

  • Step 3

You will see several memory options here. You will be able to find out the graphics card details as well. You have now to click on “Display Adapter Properties.”

  • Step 4

How To Increase Dedicated Video RAM

Here you will see the text of dedicated video memory, and the value of it is available on its exact right side.

How to increase dedicated video ram 2021


  1. registry Editor Method

The registry editor method is also known as the Regedit in various places. This method is used to increase the space to avoid interruption during your videos, and you will definitely enjoy the videos and games that you love most. This method usually works with integrated Graphics cards and AMD Ryzen APUs. This also not for some cards like Dedicated Nvidia and AMD Radeon Graphics cards. There is a proper process to follow and get the increased dedicated video ram.

  1. System Settings

Sometimes, space has become more important for the system to run any step. Another method to meet the lack of VRAM of your integrated intel graphics card by increasing the paging size of the C Drive of your Hard disk. After applying this method, you will use some areas for your C Drive as additional RAM that is a way to increase your VRAM. You can apply this method from the control panel. Due to this process, you can play games and videos without any disturbance.

  1. BIOS method

Now I will tell another method to meet this problem or increase dedicated video ram that is the BIOS method. This method is much more complicated than the other two methods that I discuss above because this method is not the same for all computer brands. But this method is discussed only for awareness. When there is no option to use another method, you can use this one because I am just discussing how to increase dedicated video ram, so I include this way too in my discussion. There is a process that we have to follow to increase VRAM by BIOS.

  1. upgrading your computer

This is another method to increase VRAM. If you want to enjoy gaming, designing gaming, or video editing without any performance issues, you have to buy a laptop or desktop with plenty of VRAM because the latest systems have become really powerful nowadays, like Nvidia graphics cards. If you compare this VRAM of intel HD graphics card, you can figure out the difference. Upgrading is much important these days because technology going much more powerful and amazing. So you can meet every problem with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video ram.

a)How to change dedicated video ram

As you can judge from the above discussion, you can conclude that the computer with more dedicated VRAM will perform better than the low dedicated VRAM ones. If you are a heavy gamer, you should go for at least 6GB VRAM if you are a designer, so you should go for at least 8GB of VRAM. A good graphic card for you is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Super.

b)How to get a more dedicated video ram

This is the other question that is mostly asked by the system users that how to get a more dedicated VRAM. I have discussed more points and methods above that you can use to get more dedicated video ram and play more games if you are a heavy gamer. The above is the main option because you can improve your system and increase the space by implementing the above options. Due to the increase in space, you can enjoy your hobbies without disturbance or any performance issues in your system.

c)How to increase intel HD graphics dedicated video memory

You can see the details about the graphics cards and all the spacing systems in the given methods and meet the problems. The concept is the same in each method to increase the memory for you and your activities that you want to do and you want to enjoy yourself with any performance issues. You can use your system’s memory by the BIOS method, which is not allowed by the system in your personal use.

d)How to increase VRAM on a laptop

You can improve the VRAM on the laptop and your system by upgrading your system or laptop. Upgrading is getting each new entry in the system by the technology; with every passing day, you can see the enhancement in every system in the market that is the need and can become the users’ desire. You can use the system setting method that you can do by the setting on the control panel.

Final thoughts

As you can see above, to get a more dedicated video ram (random access memory). There is some method that I mention above to follow and get more space and avoid the problem of interruption and enjoy the gaming and videos that you love most and don’t want to face any problem during the video or games as I mention, only the 4 processes in which the most use, the first method that is the registry editor method. But you can conclude on your own focus.


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