5 Best Motherboards for 4k and 6k Video Editing-Top Choices 2023

Are you in a hurry? Check out our Top Pick & winner for being The Best Motherboard for video editing, Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO.

Now, you already know that a genuine & professional video editor like you won’t ever compromise on a PC build for Video Editing. Be it video editing or gaming – both require tremendous resources. So, in this list, we are sharing the 6 Best motherboards for video editing.

We chose these products after research & in-depth analysis. Also, we understand that many users use Intel processors, but AMD is also not behind, and they are building masterpiece processors that work exceptionally well.

So, keeping both types of users in mind, we are listing motherboards from both categories.

Editor,s Pick

MSI Performance GAMING X470

MSI X470 Gaming Plus

      • AM4 Socket
      • AMD X470 Chipset
      • ATX Form Factor

Best for Professionals

ASRock X399 Professional

ASRock X399 Motherboard

      • 8 Memory slots
      • HD Audio
      • PCI-E GPU Interface

Best Cheap


Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi

      • LGA 1151 Socket
      • 4400 Mhz Memory speed
      • 12+1 phases VRM


Table of Best Motherboards for Video Editing

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1-Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO

Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO

With an ATX form factor and LGA1151 CPU Socket, this Gigabyte motherboard supports 8th and 9th Generation Intel Core Processors. And to make it more premium, they made it Intel Optane Memory Ready.

It has an advanced thermal design and has a heat pipe that makes sure it doesn’t heat up a lot when you do your work & heavy stuff.

Benefits that come along

There is no point in not mentioning that it does feature an Ultra-Fast WIFI. The next-generation wireless solution introduced by Intel will enable you to get high-speed network connectivity.

When you are doing video editing, many experts don’t store all the data on one drive. Or maybe you are in a studio where you use centralized storage space, so in that case, you will need High-speed network connectivity. This is where this Ultra-Fast WIFI will help you with a speed of up to 1.73 Gbps.

When everything not only looks smoothly but also works seamlessly without hurdles, productivity increases. This is yet another indirect benefit that comes along.

Smart Fan 5

Yes, any PC or motherboard – in fact, all devices – become hot after hours of usage due to heavy work. A more relaxed system ensures that you remain calm, and that system will not feel down and won’t hang.

With Smart Fan 5, you can be free from worries because it will keep your system cool even at peak resource usage.

RGB Fusion

There is an onboard Digital LED that shines, and it makes the system look even more gorgeous. You can literally paint your system with Full RGB Support. There is a redesigned RGP fusion app that allows you to have complete control over the LEDs. These LEDs surround the motherboard and make it look stunning.

Technical Specifications

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  • Dual BIOS Protection
  • Ultra-Fast WiFi
  • More available ports for connectivity
  • Not much expensive
  • Not user-friendly BIOS
  • No more cons


This is the “overall” best choice for every seeker out there. What is more charming than getting everything needed in an inexpensive product?

2-ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I 

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I

This “one of some” masterpiece comes with an LGA1151 socket and supports Intel core processors. Processors that you can use with this motherboard are the 8th and 9th Generation.

It is a Mini ITX motherboard with DDR4 support, M.2, USB 3.1, and HDMI for display.

It is built for those who want to spend a little more money just for a beautiful design with HDMI support.

Processors Support

As I mentioned above, it supports Intel core processors of Generation 8 and 9. The LGA1151 CPU socket enables the design to be 100% working & compatible with these processors. You will have max speed & connectivity. That brings me to the next important point, which is directly related to performance.

Speed & Connectivity

ASUS Rog Strix, even though, is a gaming motherboard but it is a great choice when it comes to video editing. Many champions are using such gaming motherboards for their daily needs or professional needs.

Other benefits

Dual M.2 available along with USB 3.1 Generation 2. It also has built-in WiFi. Moreover, it features Opti-MEM II as well. What it does is that it makes DRAM overclocking stability better than ever – if you are a fan of overclocking.

Technical Specifications

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  • The motherboard gives Extreme performance
  • Fantastic overclocking speed
  • Dual M.2 SSD slots
  • Expensive


This ROG Strix motherboard provides excellent performance, especially for video editing. When you do Video editing, it is more related to encoding work, and this works in the best way possible. However, being a little bit pricey

3.MSI X470 Gaming Plus

MSI X470 Gaming Plus

Video editing requires more resources and good processing speeds. For this purpose, many professionals use AMD Ryzen processors. We kept that in mind and then chose this motherboard because it works excellently with Ryzen series processors and supports 7th Generation A-Series/Athlon processors.

Two great things we like about this motherboard are that it has Click BIOS 5, which is an award-winning BIOS. This award-winning bio features high-resolution font along with handy yet straightforward features like searching & favorite sections.

The second is that it is a “VR Ready” motherboard. If we list it under the best VR motherboard for video editing, it will do wonders!

It will automatically optimize your system for using VR. Hence, resulting in maximum performance.

Key Features

  • Gaming LAN with LAN Protect: Yes, the motherboard you are looking for will be used for video editing. But this Gaming LAN will do more than enough for you when you want to share your projects or data around a network. It will deliver you an experience even better with the lowest latency & bandwidth management.
  • Multi-GPU: It supports AMD Crossfire, and there are multiple steel armor PCI-E slots for you to use.
  • Guide: It comes with a PDF manual for all the guides you need to set up and install it with ease.

Support & Specifications

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  • VR Ready
  • Supports no. of Processors
  • RGB Available
  • Studio-Grade Sound Quality
  • No Wifi


MSI X470 is an excellent choice for those looking to build a PC for 3D modeling or video editing, especially if there is any need for VR Stuff. This is going to do great in that case.

4.MSI Z270 ATX Motherboard

MSI Z270 ATX Motherboard

This motherboard is expensive but has a lot to offer. So, the benefits that come along with the purchase justifies that price is reasonable. Having a form Factor of ATX, it was created for Intel’s processors.

Processors that it supports are of 6th/7th Generation not only Intel core but also Pentium and Celeron processors. This is made possible just with the help of the CPU socket installed in it that is LGA 1151.

Besides that, it supports 20way AMD crossfire tech and is also Optane Memory ready.

And when it comes to networking, it has the lowest latency, best bandwidth management, and excellent speed.

If you are nerdy tech, you might want to know about its Chipset type, Intel z270.


[wptb id=698]
  • Super easy overclocking
  • VR Ready
  • Reasonable Price
  • Beautiful LEDs
  • The chipset is Z270 which plays key-role while supporting high-speed memory for nonstop video editing.
  • No built-in Wifi
  • No RGB


Even though it has more price and no RGB or built-in wifi, it still works great if you want it to “work.” Overclocking doesn’t work exceptionally, but it is worth it & does just good enough to fulfill needs.

5.ASRock X399 Motherboard

ASRock X399 Motherboard

As the name clearly explains, this motherboard is a professional motherboard that one can use for video editing purposes. It supports AMD sTR4 socket for Ryzen Threadripper Series CPUs.

This motherboard is best for those who want to use Threadripper Series CPUs.


With the Threadripper Series’s support, CPUs also enable you to wirelessly transfer data or use wireless devices with Bluetooth 4.2 support.

It has several ports that will not limit the number of devices you can use. Because it has 2 USB 3.1 ports for a speed of 10 Gb/s, one is Type-A, and the other is Type-C. Besides that, you also have 12 in total USB ports, out of which four are on the front side, and eight are on the rear.

The best thing about this motherboard is that it supports DDR4 SDRAM, resulting in less voltage but a higher speed & transfer rate. The product is worth having a motherboard if you don’t want to compromise on your RAM.

Support & Specifications

[wptb id=699]

Yet another great advantage of this motherboard is that the support you get is super fast. They reply very quickly and assist you if you feel any inconvenience or oddness in the motherboard.

  • Fast & Great Support
  • Best for Threadripper CPUs
  • A lot of ports
  • Expensive


Let me ask you a question that will tell if this is best for you or not. Have you chosen a Thread Ripper CPU? If yes, definitely, this is the only go-to and best choice for you. Or if you didn’t select your CPU yet but want to use better RAM, i.e., DDR4 SDRAM, go for it! You will love it.

Best Motherboard for Video Editing Buyer Guide

When looking for a motherboard for video editing work, you need to look for several factors. Primarily, it would help if you searched for a motherboard that supports the best CPU and Maximum amount of RAM.

First, you want to check what is your budget. Or are you looking for a “BEST” Video Editing build, and budget is not much headache for you?

Once you have this answer, you will be able to craft your budget, and then you can look for components to build your fantastic custom and premium PC for video editing.

The components most important for a great video editing PC include CPU, RAM, and its type, Motherboard, graphic card compatibility, and networking functionalities. And most probably, you also don’t want audio to be left alone.

Let’s talk about each point briefly so you know precisely how to choose the best motherboard for video editing.

First, you need to look for a CPU.

Best CPU for Video Editing

No doubt, you can understand how vital processors are in video editing work. It is a very intensive process, and the processor plays a vital role.

You can choose from some best choices available in the market, but we want you to get “what is best.”

The following are some CPUs best for this type of work.

You may already know what type of person you are and what brand you would like to continue with – Intel or AMD. The below table mentions some best processors for Video Editing from both brands.

[wptb id=700]

Now, each processor definitely, has a different cost. The above list is arranged from high to low prices. You can check prices on Amazon by clicking on the Links.

Also, check out the list of Best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x. We’ve put a detailed guide on it.

Best Motherboard For Video Editing

Now that you have selected your best CPU, the time has come to choose a motherboard that supports it. Don’t worry. We have got you covered here as well.

Key questions you should answer yourself in selection:

  1. What processor do you want to use? Does it support it?
  2. How much RAM will you need? 
  3. Do you want to use a Graphics card, and does the motherboard support it?
  4. How many ports will you need?
  5. What is your budget?

Once you have answers to these basic questions, you will know precisely what you are looking for.

To check if the motherboard is compatible with your CPU or not, you want to check its CPU socket type. The following table clarifies which type of socket is required for which CPU.

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This was a concise yet practical guide to selecting the best motherboard for video editing. Maybe that seems a lot, but to make it even more productive and help you choose between the choices; this is how we will break the list down:

  • Best Overall Motherboard for Video Editing if you want to use Intel CPU: Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO
  • Best AMD Ryzen Motherboard for Video Editing: MSI X470 Gaming Plus
  • Motherboard with VR Support: MSI X470 Gaming Plus
  • High-end Premium Choice: MSI MPG x570
  • Best Value Motherboard: MSI ProSeries B450M
  • Best Budget Motherboard for Video Editing: MSI Z270 ATX Motherboard

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