Nvidia RTX 3060TI Review and specifications[RTX 3070 VS RTX 3060] 2021

Nvidia has launched its premium 3000 series graphic cards like RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and others, which are costly, but Nvidia has not yet launched the mid-range 3000 series graphic cards.

Now they will launch its mid-range graphic card at the start of 2021, which will be RTX 3060. It will be built on a processor of 8nm and GA 106 graphics processor used in it. The company has not announced anything about that GPU yet, but some of the leaks and rumors are here about the performance, price, and RTX 3060 GPU specifications.

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Nvidia launched the 3000 series in competition with AMD 6000 series graphic cards, and RTX 3060 will put a big dent to AMD,s RX 6700 GPU  as it is cheaper than the AMD 6700 GPU.

RTX 3060TI VS RTX 2060 SUPER VS GTX 1070

If we talk about the previously launched GPU of Nvidia, then if you want to play 2k games on 1440p, you should choose RTX 3070, and if you are willing to play 4k games with higher frame rates, then you must have RTX 3080.

Most premium 3000 series GPU is RTX 3090, but it is very costly, and rare peoples in the world can afford RTX 3090, and it will play 8K Gaming as well.

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But if you have budget limitations and do not want to play games more than 1080P, then RTX 3060 will be the best choice for you, and it fulfills both your requirements of gaming in the limited budget.

RTX_3060TI Specifications and review

Till now, Nvidia RTX 3060TI leaks are on the media, and we will tell you the specifications of that leaked RTX 3060 variant. We are reminding you that these are the leaks and rumors about it and no official reports of specifications announced by the company. Once Nvidia will reveal the official specifications, then these will be updated here also.

As per leaks, RTX 3060ti has 4864 Nvidia Cuda cores, while its boost clock is 1.67. It has a GDDR 6 ram of 8GB.

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It has a heatsink with twin coolers, which will provide better cooling solutions for your pc build as per leaks.

If we compare it with the officially launched RTX 3070, then RTX 3060 has 4864 Cuda cores, and RTX 3070 has 5888 Cuda cores. Both have the same GDDR6 8GB Ram, and memory speed is 14 Gbps. while 3070 has a base clock little more than the 3060, which is 1.73

After comparing RTX 3070 and RTX 3060TI, you can imagine that 3060TI will give you 15% to 20% less performance than the 3070.because of its Cuda cores and base clock lesser than the RTX 3070.

If we talk about that model’s price leaks, then its price is assumed to be almost 400 USD.

It has two slots, and if we talk about the consumption power of that GPU, it will dissipate 200w of power.

If we talk about display output ports then it is offering 1XHDMI Port and 3 display ports.

It can be used with the latest AMD B550 or X570 motherboards for faster speed which has PCIe 4.0 ports.

Now we will tell you its all specifications here.

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