Nvidia RTX 3070 Mobile GPU Specifications 2021[First Graphic card for AMD Ryzen 5000 Processors in Laptops]

After the release of RTX 3060 TI by Nvidia for desktop processors now they are going to launch a Graphic card for laptops at the start of 2021. These graphic cards will be in the new laptops of 2021 with Ryzen 5000 processors and Nvidia is expected to launch this RTX 3070 Mobile GPU in January during CES 2021 event and most probably some of the laptops also should be launched during that event with these Nvidia graphic cards RTX 3060, RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 laptop versions.

Nvidia RTX 3070 Mobile for Laptops with Ryzen 5000
Credit: Videocardz

If we talk about specifications of these RTX 30 series GPU then these are based on GA 104 Ampere architecture with 8nm processors and it will be supported for DirectX 12 Ultimate. The GDDR6 memory for RTX 3070 will be 8Gb which can be clocked at 12Gb/sec and has a 256-bit memory interface. But these all are still unofficial news and we will inform you when Nvidia will announce specifications for these graphic cards officially.

Now after leaked specifications of Nvidia RTX 3070 laptop GPU when VRay benchmark test performed on it then he got 1394 points. When we will compare this score with the newly launched RTX 3060 TI then that product got an 8% less score than the RTX 3060 TI which is 1503 points.

The benchmark score by Vray of RTX 3070 Mobile GPU is just 61 points short from RTX 2080 TI which has 1455 points so the performance for RTX 3070 Mobile graphic card is not so bad for gaming laptops in 2021.


There is a clear confirmation by comparing the benchmarks of the RTX 3070 desktop version with the mobile version that Nvidia will not launch the same performance cards for both desktop and laptops because the RTX 3070 desktop version has a score of 1861 points which is almost 500 points higher than the laptop version.

According to this leak, the TGP value(Total graphic power) for this laptop graphic card will be almost equal to 80 to 90 w.

These graphic cards by Nvidia will be installed in AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors and intel 12th generation processors based on Intel Tiger Lake-H processors.

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