How do you find What Motherboard Do I Have?

Sometimes, you will always need to check every element or computer and try to gather as much information as possible. Similarly, the same is the case with a motherboard; if you want to figure out what model you are using without dismantling every part of the computer, you will get to know about few methods. Moreover, these methods will take you to the model of the motherboard without screwing up a CPU.

What Motherboard Do I Have Window 7

Here are some methods for finding out about the motherboard’s model if you are using Window 7

Native Method

The first and important thing is to find the motherboard of your computer natively to go to the information about the system. However, you should open the Run dialog box and do a Start menu search for System Information.

You may look for the System Model while you go to the System Summary when you check that similarly on the main page. As a result, you will get information on what kind of motherboard your PC is running on. Furthermore, you will collect data about the motherboard design materials.

CPU-Z Utility

what motherboard do you have by cpuz windows 7

One thing that will allow you to know about every little information about your hardware configuration is that it is utility-free and very portable. It also includes the motherboard that is known as the mainboard.

This method is used for window seven used for searching and knowing about the motherboard of your computer or other devices. The method of finding the mainboard is here. You should follow these steps to get it easy.

Belarc Advisor

Here is another freeware through which you can easily scan your device and also download it very simply. However, this is another way to scan or to download that is quite easy. After the completion of the scan, it will develop the web page. With this web page’s help, you can collect different information about this compared to other devices. This is the best thing that you will have a variety of data through this without any issue.

what motherboard you have by belarc advisor

Due to this, you will find your motherboard through the information system and anything else that will be very surprising, and you do not know about that as well. It is a great thing about this method of window 7. One of the most shocking is that you will get computer USB storage to connect with different devices for 30 days.

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Command Prompt

You must save all the methods for finding this mainboard. Besides all other methods, you can also use the command prompt to find your motherboard and use a few commands to give you information about the name of your motherboard and UUID, etc.

Using the cmd, you can get more extra commends through this. All the commends you type for getting the system of information make sure to get all the data. These things are essential for collecting all the things about your motherboard, especially through Windows 7.

What Motherboard Do I Have Window 10

Here are some methods that are used for window ten that are given below.



If you are searching for knowing the motherboard’s model, so here are some methods. It is effortless and easy that you need a screwdriver and a good light. You have to open the bolt and from the side cover of the system and remove it. The essential and first thing that needs to do it is to check the motherboard. This is the method for window 10.

Similarly, most of the designers mention the name, so it can be hard to get. Usually, it is mention over the processor or the PCI-E slot. The method is old but very useful. But the recommendation of this way to apply is not perfect for you. It is important to open the unit’s system that is not good if it is in warranty or pack form.

Searching for the motherboard’s name is not easy, especially if you are checking it for the first because of the many stickers that you would not be able to understand that or even read that. You will not even be able to know the brand of the motherboard. But in another way, it is straightforward and simple.

System Information

You will find three different, quite simple, and easy ways to get important information without using the software present in the information system related to the version of window ten or in 7.

1: In the bracket of the search, you have to put the name of the information. Besides, you can also use the Win + R both and put msinfo32.

2: It will open in windows; Manufacturer BaseBoard is also called the motherboard manufacturer, and the baseboard Product will offer the needed data.

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Model With Command Prompt

This method is the easiest method to find out the motherboard is using your computer to get the command line. Similarly, for this purpose, you may open the menu of Run. At the same time, appearing the window type CMD. You will get the line of command open, so in this case, you only need to enter the command.

To determine the motherboard’s manufacture, the person will need to get the WMIC baseboard to get the product, manufacturer, version, serial number.

what motherboard i have command prompt win 10

Window 10 With Powershell

By following the above information, you can gain basic and important information about the motherboard installed on your computer. You will found it number-wise, the model of the system, and the manufacturer. Getting all this information is sufficient for searching your motherboard divers or the device’s official page on the internet.

Third-Party Software(CPU-Z)

Motherboard Model info by CPUZ

Third-party software is another way to find your motherboard on the windows PC. CPU-Z is one of the most popular and useful. While driving the program, it will take a little bit of time to collect all the details about your system’s hardware. So the person must wait for a couple of minutes to get it complete. However, you will press the Mainboard tab to check the model of your motherboard.

Microsoft System Information Tool

For opening the box of Run, the person should press the Key of Windows + R keyboard. This is a shortcut way. Now for driving the Tool of System Information Microsoft, you have to press msinfo32 and enter it.

While checking the conclusion section, also check the BaseBoard, and it will give the name of the manufacturer, also the number of models, and the model’s version. This is another way of looking for the motherboard of your computer.


If you are waiting to know the installation method on your computer and laptop, this is the best option for you to get all the For this purpose. You must check the summary and or may the deep information of hardware parts.

This will also help you decrease the problems of getting heated since it shows the screen or some vital parts that include CPU and GPU. It is a simple way of using and giving a piece of single information about each part of your hardware. This is the best way to use to get information about your motherboard.

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